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Why We Love Virtual Queuing (And You Should, Too!)

There is no line with a virtual queue. No. Line. That alone should make people jump up and down with joy. There is no worrying that you picked the wrong queue. No chance of getting stuck behind the slow customer, the annoying customer, the customer with too much stuff or too many questions. But beyond the obvious, there are plenty of other legitimate reasons to love virtual queuing. Here are several:


Virtual Queue

With queues, some agents can have lengthy lines which keep them busy, while other agents have brief transactions that leave their station free and clear. Without a physical queue, service agent downtime is kept to a minimum. Customers are free to wait anywhere within the facility and agents are able to hail customers with a simple click of a button. The agent-customer engagement is constant, which also gets agents in the habit of working efficiently and keeping the “line” moving. The greatest measure of service efficiency, however, comes from the ability to match a server to a customer. Connecting a qualified server to the right customer means whatever engagement or transaction follows will happen with maximum efficiency. If a customer registers for a particular service, they will be served by the agent who is best qualified to handle that issue.


The virtual queue reduces perceived wait times. A physical queue can be painful to watch, but with a virtual queue customers really have no idea how many people are ahead of them. Their perception of the line fades away because there is simply no line on which to focus. Being given the freedom to spend their time as they please rather than being stuck in a queue also impacts a customer’s perception of how long they’re actually waiting. The virtual queue encourages people to stop watching the clock and just relax because they know their turn is coming.


In some situations, a physical queue snakes slowly around an area, dragging people along with it, creating impenetrable walls of customers. The virtual queue opens up a spacious area, giving people permission to mill about wherever they please while they wait. The virtual queue also eliminates the necessity to watch your time being sucked away and creates a more pleasant waiting environment. Not only are virtual queues more convenient and without constraints, they can be enhanced with effective digital signage that entertain customers while they wait.



When customers register for their place in a virtual queue, they’re at liberty to wander about as they please. And in retail environments, this usually means they have the opportunity to continue shopping while they wait their turn. More time to shop and more sales are never a bad thing for any retail business!


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Customers register for their place in the virtual queue and then wait however they want. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely disconnected from your business. You can communicate with them via the printed ticket that the registration kiosk prints out, providing them with estimated wait time or advertising on the ticket. LCD displays offer a platform for conveying information to customers as a larger group, or the digital screens can display promotional messages. Text messaging is one of the keenest ways to stay in touch with customers while they wait, letting them know it’s their turn or providing them with alerts during their stay. If you have to make your customers wait, consider a virtual queue. The benefits are plentiful and your customers will thank you for it. Talk with a Qtrac expert about how to implement a virtual queue for your business.

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