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Where to Position Your Self Check-In Kiosk

by Qtrac

As you know, there’s a lot that goes into managing the day-to-day operations of a business. From human resources to sales and marketing, everyone in the organization is working together to ensure the business makes a profit while promoting customer loyalty.

Make a great impression from the start and show your customers a streamlined service with self check-in kiosks. Instead of forcing customers to be restricted in the confines of a physical line, you can free them to peruse the store while waiting for assistance. With wait time estimates updated in real time, people can even finish running errands or wait elsewhere until close to their appointment time.

You’re also setting up your staff for success by introducing virtual queues. Your employees can be prepared for any customer’s unique needs before ever interacting with them using the information provided at check-in.

Because of its ability to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction, choosing the right technology and implementing kiosks is vital to seamlessly scaling and running a business. What else can you expect from virtual check-ins? Let’s dig in.

Advantages of a Self Check-In Kiosk

It’s no secret that people value their time. Anything that even feels like a waste of time can lead to customer frustration and a lack of returning clients. One study found that consumer behavior is affected by perceived wait times as well as actual wait, both of which can be reduced by implementing self-service check-in kiosks.

It also empowers customers and lets them take charge of their own schedule, leading to a better overall customer experience. They can shop while they wait, and your staff can turn their focus to helping your business run smoothly.

Eliminating the chaos of physical queues clears the floor of messy, stressful traffic and provides a better impression to guests who enter your business. Adding to the other benefits of self check-in machines, you can provide digital touchpoints and resources to better inform your customers.

Sure, it sounds great. But how do you encourage people to use the new technology?

How to Encourage People to Use Self Check-In

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much self check-in kiosks offer if people aren’t using them. As with any other new technology, you have to guide people through the process, and you can do this company-wide with proper planning and no extra resources.

Kiosk Placement and Purpose

First things first: Where you place the kiosks matters. Customers still desire a sense of fairness and equality in a virtual line, same as in a physical queue.

The right strategy makes all the difference, so think about your business and place the self check-in machines where it makes the most sense for customers.

Front and Center

Make them hard to miss by placing your kiosks front and center. People will naturally gravitate toward the self-service kiosks if it catches their eye as soon as they enter the building.

Adjacent to Service Area

If there isn’t room to place them front and center, having the kiosks close to the current service area is the second-best option. Angle them toward where people enter to encourage use.

Countertops in Current Service Areas

Customers will go to the service area first, so dedicating some counter space to kiosks provides a way for people to serve themselves if they prefer.

Placed on the Sidelines

If there’s no other option, it is worth considering placing the kiosks against walls. Adding robust digital signage and privacy screens can elevate the feeling of self-service even higher and provide a clear path to follow.

As for purpose, make it easy for people to identify what the kiosk is used for. Whether you choose bright in-store signage or clearly labeled guideposts nearby, the function should be immediately apparent to a guest entering your store.

If customers aren’t sure what the kiosk is for, they won’t engage with the machine and it will sit vacant. Even a simple “Checking in? Start here!” message is enough to catch people’s attention and direct them toward your self check-in kiosk.

Check In with QR Codes

You can further cut down on congestion and store traffic by offering alternative ways to check in, such as scanning a QR code.

The QR code method is intended to be a simple click-and-go system. Customers can use a smartphone to scan a QR code that checks them into the system. From there, users can add details important for the visit—all from the convenience of their phones.

Shorter Wait Times = Happier Customers

Customers spend more money and are more likely to return if their experience is a pleasant one. Self check-in options are a way to provide a more personalized and interactive user experience, sometimes before people ever enter your brick-and-mortar location.

Not only is it less stressful for customers, but it also takes a burden off staff and allows them to focus on optimizing business operations from day to day. From retail and banking to healthcare and hospitality, self check-in kiosk machines are essential to every organization.

Applications in Hospitality

Hotel self check-in kiosks are quickly becoming the new normal—and for good reason.

Many people are opposed to being upsold face-to-face, but a self-service check-in can offer upgrades to their current booking when available. This means more opportunity to generate revenue without extra labor expenses.

Plus, with two-thirds of customers preferring self-service over traditional employee interactions, higher guest satisfaction starts at the beginning of their stay. When you welcome international customers, the large selection of languages available on most kiosks provides a seamless experience and reduces customer headaches.

Relying on customer input can reduce or eliminate human errors when it comes to booking reservations. Guests enter the information themselves when using self-service machines for check-in, so employees no longer have to be responsible for the wrong room type or misspellings that sometimes slip through.

When you automate the check-in process, you’re also freeing up your most valuable resource: your employees. Give your staff a chance to have more meaningful interactions with your guests so they have a memorable experience that they’ll want to repeat.

Applications in Healthcare

Create remarkable patient journeys that start as soon as they enter your hospital with the convenience of self check-in machines. Make it easier than ever before for patients to connect and engage, and on their own terms.

Safety is a key factor for every aspect of healthcare, and check-in shouldn’t be any different. Virtual queuing gives patients the opportunity to wait in their cars or elsewhere while they wait for service. Real-time updates can let them know when it’s getting close to time for their appointment so they won’t be late.

A lot of people expect long wait times when they head to the doctor as well, making it important to stand out with new, efficient self check-in methods. Streamlining the process will boost loyalty and encourage return business.

Accessibility is paramount and another factor handled by self check-in kiosks. Choosing a trusted partner like Qtrac gives you access to industry-leading accessibility features that ensure additional assistance is available to those who need it.

Start Driving Revenue with Self Check-In Kiosks

When considering a virtual queue management system, cost is a major factor. Find a platform that delivers streamlined operations, satisfied customers, empowered employees, and increased sales without breaking the budget—and regardless of your industry.

Achieve company goals and get the data you need to more efficiently run your organization without worrying about the costs associated with implementing, maintaining, and scaling the process to meet your needs. Qtrac can help you reimagine your queues; just contact us to schedule a free demo.

It is important to be mindful to avoid the downfalls of picking the wrong platform to help with your self check-ins, which could end up costing you additional money after the initial expenses. Don’t worry—Qtrac can help make sure you pick the best platform to meet your specific needs.

Learn how to avoid the hidden costs of purchasing a queue management system and maximize on your investment.


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