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What Makes Qtrac the Best Queue Management System?

by Qtrac

what makes qtrac the leading queue management system

As much as consumer behavior, technology, and operational management have changed over the decades, some things have remained the same—notably, customers don’t like long waits and general chaos. A negative customer experience hurts the business, and excessive wait times often qualify.

Virtual queue management systems offer a way to improve experiences. The efficiency gained can reduce wait times, and even when minutes aren’t saved, customers feel less stressed out if they have control over how they wait for service.

Therefore, the stakes are high when adopting—and trusting—a queue management solution. You must be sure that a platform meets not only your operational needs but also the needs of your customers and employees. Qtrac leads the industry because we exceed both of these requirements. Here’s a closer look at the reasons why our solution sets the standard for digital queue management.

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Scalability and Security

The queuing needs of your business will change as you grow and evolve. For example, that small service counter that sees only a few customers per hour could someday require more staffing and a defined queue if demand increases, new consumer trends and products emerge, operational strategy changes, or a variety of other factors come into play. We designed Qtrac with flexibility and scalability in mind—however your organization evolves, our queue management system evolves with you.

Our technology is built with our clients’ needs in mind, but we’re focused on putting people first in everything we do. That’s why security is a priority with the Qtrac queuing system. Customer data belongs to you—we never sell it, thus preserving your privacy and the privacy of your customers. The system can be set so employees see only the things you want them to see, and strict data controls allow you to purge sensitive info as needed. You can trust our solution so that your staff and customers can trust your organization.

Multi-Channel, Personalized Engagement

American consumers are comfortable on their smartphones, including when they’re shopping or interacting with businesses. Plus, they’re already used to receiving push notifications on their mobile devices—social media updates, payment reminders, sports scores, and much more. With a queue management system from Qtrac, an organization connects with customers on their preferred channels. Interactions can be personalized, giving people reason to trust the system instead of being intimidated by or skeptical of it.

Moreover, interactions aren’t limited to simple push notifications. Businesses can send personalized sales offers and promotions to customers’ phones—in the form of images, videos, or links—as customers wait and after they receive service. Customers can tap a link to check the status of their wait times and ask questions of the staff. Automatic notifications can be triggered when an event occurs so that, for example, if a wait is taking longer than expected, a customer is updated about the situation and might even get a 10 percent discount as thanks for their patience.

Easy Configuration

Digital queues and workflows and interactive technology sound great in theory, but the idea of implementing and configuring such a system can feel intimidating, to the point that just setting up some stanchions for a physical queue might seem more appealing. As a people-first solution, Qtrac places the highest priority on ease of use—for your employees as well as your customers. Our queue management system allows you to easily create the customer experience you want and your customers crave.

Some of the configuration features of the Qtrac solution include:

  • Customizable business flows, easily set up with drag-and-drop functionality and no technical experience required
  • Advanced business rules that provide a tailored queuing experience for each customer based on their service requests, system history, shopping preferences, queue behavior, and more
  • Communication tools that let you send the right messages to customers at the right time
  • Robust preferences that allow you to decide what information is shared with the customer and how it’s displayed on their devices (e.g., what time someone’s turn is expected versus how many minutes they still have to wait)

Because Qtrac is a cloud solution, there’s no software to install, ever. Furthermore, Qtrac offers flexibility to integrate with third-party platforms, such as CRM or reporting platforms, to deliver a truly unique, customizable experience for your operation.

Customer Insights

Efficient queues and happier customers are obvious benefits of a queue management system, but the data the platform produces is often just as valuable for businesses. With Qtrac, you can chart wait times, peak periods, requested services, customer behavior (e.g., when people will abandon the queue, how far in advance they book appointments, how much they buy while waiting in the virtual queue), and more.

Businesses love this kind of deep operational data, but it’s not always easy to come by. The Snapshot feature of our platform puts these reports at your fingertips with convenient dashboards and customizable alerts. Perhaps most importantly, these metrics can be viewed in real time so that, for example, if wait times are increasing one afternoon, you can shuffle employees around the business to handle the traffic jam. Also, long-term data informs operational strategy, giving you insight into staffing, training, and customer flow.

Unparalleled Support

Qtrac is committed to your success—that includes providing the support you need to make the most of your investment in our queue management system. Our world-class support is dedicated to your success. The Qtrac commitment to excellence includes:

  • Training: We’ll work with your team members—from before implementation to the moment you go live to long after deployment—so they understand the ins and outs of the system and can take advantage of all its capabilities.
  • Monthly analytics: Qtrac will provide reports on support tickets, change orders, and root causes, and we’ll provide recommendations and corrective actions.
  • Updates: We’re always striving to improve and upgrade our platform. In addition to periodic updates, we send you monthly release notes to keep you informed on what’s new with the Qtrac solution.
  • 24/7 monitoring: When we say we’re always ready to provide support, it’s a guarantee. Our 24/7 system monitoring ensures that if you ever have a problem with network access, signal strength, or system health, we’ll find a resolution as soon as possible.
  • Live and online helpdesk: The Qtrac phone and email helpdesk is available 12 hours a day, and you can also look for answers on our 24/7 self-assisted online help center.


Some virtual queuing solutions try applying technology to the queuing process without quite understanding the science and psychology behind queues. That’s not the case with Qtrac. We’re part of Lavi Industries, the leading expert in queue management for more than four decades. We drew on that deep experience as we built our technology, resulting in a solution that prioritizes the customer experience and takes nothing for granted.

With our background, who is better to trust your digital queue to? Request a demo to see for yourself all Qtrac has to offer.

queue management systems avoiding hidden costs ebook cover

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