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Virtual Queuing Transforms Customer Experiences Across Industries

Across a wide range of industries, virtual queuing technology can help take the customer experience from good to great by giving customers more freedom and power to do business with convenience and efficiency. Freeing customers from waiting in a physical line adds direct and indirect value to the customer experience that can bond a customer to a brand, reinforcing a high-quality, loyal relationship over time. Internal “customers” (staff and stakeholders) can also experience benefits that make management more efficient and superior customer service more attainable. Below are some examples of the value virtual queuing can add in various industries.


Customers registered in a virtual queue have the freedom to enjoy more of what they came to do – shop – and can experience a more personalized transaction as they are individually called upon when it’s their turn for service. This applies to fitting room, service, or purchase queues. For your internal customers (staff), the benefits continue: virtual queuing disperses crowds and allows staff to focus on serving customers. It can also increase space for merchandise and multiply the number of ways to communicate with your customers. With customers shopping more, you can also count on increased sales.


With the ability to pre-schedule appointments, customers cut wait times, which is transformational for these required services. Customers can also monitor real time queue progress and their position in the queue so they can make the best use of their time right up until they are called. Virtual solutions can also offer information and/or entertainment during a wait so that customers are engaged to make any perceived wait as short as possible. The internal customers/service staff benefit as crowds on premises are minimized. Staff can conveniently monitor customer flow and adjust resources as necessary to keep queues moving efficiently. Staff can also keep customers informed and conveniently and personally alert them when service time is near.


Diners enjoy their meal even more with the convenience of pre-scheduling their arrival time via a mobile device. This type of updated reservation system allows guests to shorten their wait time and spend any idle time relaxing or using their time how they choose. With accurate, real-time updates and simple mobile alerts, guests can stay informed of actual seating times, minimize inconvenience and utilize any unavoidable wait time. Happy customers are returning customers. For the internal customer/service team, virtual queuing can refocus team attention on serving customers rather than scheduling them.


Virtual queuing in the customer service area can help manage the hundreds and sometimes thousands of passengers who feel the sting of a flight delay or cancellation. By eliminating the physical line entirely using virtual queuing technology, airlines can avoid the task of having to ask tense and sometimes aggressive passengers to patiently wait in a snaking line for their turn and their new flight options. Internal customers/staff also reduce stress with better crowd management/control, greater resource utilization and higher agent productivity.


The fun of game night can begin as soon as a customer schedules their arrival time or reserves a table. From there customers enjoy updates and alerts on what to expect, VIP announcements or even information about events they hadn’t heard about before. When it’s their turn, a simple alert keeps their evening in play. Internal customers/staff can stay in touch with pre-registered customers and even promote VIP upgrades or other opportunities for increased sales. Virtual queuing also affords personalized contact which can impress customers and leave them wanting even more.


Virtual queuing is transforming the long line at school into a convenient, dispersed wait. Students can pre-schedule a slot for registration, counseling or a clinic visit and be hailed just-in-time for their appointment. Students make the most of their time while they wait and also can arrive prepared to make the most out of their appointment by being alerted or reminded about required information. For internal customers/staff and administrators, different departments can customize communications to make sure students arrive on time, have all required information when needed and experience personalized attentive service.


When patients can virtually choose appointments, conveniently change them as necessary and stay informed of actual appointment times, they feel more respected and build trust with their providers. Patients can improve their health by cutting back stress along with their wait times. Internal customers/medical office staff also can relax with less of a crowd in the office and more empowered, informed, happy patients arriving on time for their appointments. When customers know what to expect, anxiety decreases, perceived wait times are less and relaxation is more likely, creating a positive customer experience. Field studies have found that customers perceive waiting as acceptable and even relaxing if they know what the wait time will be.

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