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Virtual Queuing for Casinos and Game Rooms

Long waits within busy casinos and game rooms can quickly create a frustrating experience for both customers and employees. As popular tables attract concentrated crowds of gamers all ready to put their money down now, queue management challenges can affect the timely turnover at the table creating dissatisfied customers, productivity hang-ups, and an inefficient overall use of employee and management resources. Virtual queuing can level up this experience through a simple, streamlined process that eliminates crowds, improves the quality of service provided, and reduces the costs associated with managing large crowds. Let’s take a closer look at why virtual queuing is a game changer for casinos and game rooms:


Virtual queuing puts the power of flexibility and personalization into the hands of your employees. You understand that each guest is unique and expects to be treated as such. Maximize the impact of virtual queuing’s flexible registration process by providing registration options that fit your guest’s individual needs. They can register online, via mobile device, or at an onsite kiosk, as well as with a personalized hostess-assisted approach. There is an easy registration process for anyone, anywhere. Virtual queuing’s powerful interface then keeps track of all important registration information including wait times, priority seating, special requests, assigned tables, VIP status, and more. Employees have instant access to this information via the queue management screen making them better equipped to provide excellent personal service to each guest. Additionally, with the use of text messaging or mobile apps, you can take personalization a step further. Provide registered gamers with special offers and discounts they can use right away in the casino. Personalize these offers by using their registration information. Is this customer staying at your associated hotel? If not, you could offer a discount on a night’s stay. Or try a dining and drink special they can use while they wait. Finally, virtual queuing eliminates the need for crowd management allowing staff to focus on each player’s unique experience rather than managing crowds or lines.


Every time a player walks away from a table before he sits down, you are losing money. Virtual queuing helps combat these walkaways with one simple function: the system provides waiting customers with estimated wait times. These known waits are proven to be perceived as shorter and players feel more in control of their time. If they have a 30 minute estimated wait, they know they can have a drink at the bar, walk the casino floor, or browse shops. And text message alerts allow players to make their way back to the table in plenty of time.


Actionable, real-time information is the key to controlling your queue. Virtual queuing equips your managers to handle a sudden rush of players before it becomes a problem and the crowd gets out of hand. How? Through real-time, actionable alerts based on pre-set conditions. Managers can step-in to quickly resolve the issue leaving service employees free to focus on the customers in front of them instead of spending their time dealing with unruly crowds. Additionally, these data points are recorded over time to create historical reports. Analyzing these reports allow managers to visualize trends such as guest traffic and average wait times over a given date range. These trends are then used to plan for future service loads and casino resource allocation during a specific month or season.


Virtual queuing systems are designed to keep hardware costs down and ROI up. It runs on almost any existing internet-enabled hardware through a SaaS, cloud-based platform. The costs associated with server-based infrastructures and their labor-intensive maintenance are eliminated, leaving you with an extremely flexible system that gives you the return you need. Let your casino-goers enjoy the thrill and unpredictability of the table without having to experience the unpredictability of playing the waiting game. Virtual queuing will enhance your customer experience and increase employee and management productivity, all while reducing the overall cost of managing your queues.

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