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How Investing in Queuing Software Enhances the Overall Customer Experience of your Business

by Qtrac

How Investing in Queuing Software Enhances the Overall Customer Experience of your Business

Most of us expect to wait in line when we do our Christmas shopping in person or when we visit the DMV. And because those experiences have traditionally been less-than-ideal, we don’t usually feel fond of either of them.

Queuing software can turn frowns upside down with alternatives to physical queues. Instead of waiting in long lines or crowded lobbies, customers check in remotely and receive an estimate of their wait time via SMS message or email. When their service time arrives, they move more quickly through their transactions and get on with their days.

What are the advantages of improving customer experience?

Smooth, customer-centric processes can have positive implications for your bottom line. Research from Forrester shows that revenue increases and customer experience improvements move at the same rate, meaning when you make a good experience great, the positive impact on your revenue is more pronounced.

Not only will happy customers buy more, but they also purchase more often. Also, they tell their family and friends about your exceptional service, increasing the likelihood that those people will become loyal customers as well. Then those people will talk about your business with their networks … and the cycle continues.

Repeat buyers aren’t just good for sales, though. They’re also a value-add for your marketing and advertising budgets. You can use their testimonials—both written and video reviews—as third-party credibility to back up your claims about your products and services. A recent study indicates that about half of people trust consumer reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations from family and friends.

How can queuing software help improve customer experience?

Utilizing virtual queuing changes the waiting game for your customers. Long gone are the days of standing in a long, physical queue without any idea how long they’ll be there.

Shorter Wait Times

Queuing software gives people an estimated time of service when they check in from their phone, tablet, or computer. Customers are free to wait anywhere—at home, out running other errands, or even browsing your business.

While they relax on the couch or grab a bite to eat, your buyers receive updates about their wait via SMS messaging or email. Because they have the freedom to do other things and aren’t forced to be on-site, their perceived wait time is shorter. And, because perception is reality, if customers believe their wait time was short, then it was.

Appointment Scheduling

Online appointment scheduling is a not-so-small convenience that helps your customers maintain some semblance of control over their busy lives. They can view available appointments at a glance and choose the date(s) and time(s) that work best for them.


Queuing software opens the door for more interactive conversations with your buyers. Not only can you communicate with them during their wait by sending them targeted promotions based on how they interact with the queuing software, but they can send you messages as well. Once their transaction completes, you can continue sending them offers for products and services they already use, want, or need.

You can also gather valuable feedback through surveys to more accurately map their customer journey and identify opportunities for improvement. Additionally, offering content that is relevant to their interests strengthens your customers’ connection with your brand.

Better Customer Service

Virtual queue solutions decrease lobby and waiting area crowds. This gives your customers the time and space they need to conduct their business with you without feeling overwhelmed. Your employees will also perform better because they can focus on the individual in front of them instead of worrying about all the people who still need their help.

When customers check in remotely, the software asks them a series of questions to better direct them to the right department or employee. Once they arrive, workers are prepared with the information, product, or service they need. Transactions are completed quickly and efficiently, so your staff feels empowered to deliver high levels of service, and your buyer feels good about shopping with you.

Operational Efficiency

Digital queue software includes robust reporting tools for real-time and historical data. You can track peak traffic times to staff appropriately or monitor when one area may need extra attention and shift employees as needed to shorten wait times even more.

Are you ready to improve your customer experience with queuing software?

Your goal is to create exceptional customer experiences with every transaction, and virtual queuing and appointment scheduling can help. To learn more about why virtually queued customers buy more, download our e-book.

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