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How a Queue Management System Helps Your Small Business Stand Out

by Qtrac

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A positive customer experience is crucial for businesses of all sizes. But for small businesses, creating an exceptional customer experience can be the differentiator that sets them apart from the competition.

However, creating that unique and personalized customer experience can be a challenge in today’s business environment where you must delight customers at every touchpoint, whether it’s in-person or online. That’s where the right queue management system can make a huge difference.

First, let’s look at the challenges small businesses face with queue management.

Small Business Challenges with Queue Management

There’s no question that focusing on the customer experience is good for business. Companies that lead with a focus on the customer experience:

  • Boost brand awareness by 160%
  • Improve retention by 170%
  • Increase return on spend by 190%
  • See customer satisfaction rates jump by 160%

However, creating an improved customer experience can be incredibly challenging for small businesses because of queue management. An obvious hurdle is limited floor space—by definition, a small business isn’t likely to have big-box space. Limited space is just the first hurdle.

Small businesses also struggle with:

Limited Staffing

Even on a quiet day, if more than two people shop and need to check out at the same time, the third person may feel as if they’re waiting in line longer than if they had gone to a crowded, large chain store. Even though it’s only three people, that little line can be perceived as quite long by the people waiting in it.

Tight Margins

Margins vary among industries, but small businesses tend to have tight margins. Restaurants can see as little as a 2 percent margin, and dental services can be as high as 18 percent. Regardless, small businesses can’t afford to lose customers because of an unsatisfactory waiting experience—even if the long wait is more perceived than real.

Franchisee Challenges

For franchise businesses, an inconsistent experience across locations can confuse customers, especially if all locations are struggling with queue management but having different issues. A confused customer will simply go somewhere they feel more comfortable.

These issues aren’t going away, especially in a digital world where customers expect a seamless experience across all channels. That’s why the right queue management system can make all the difference in a small business’s customer experience, bringing enterprise-level convenience that stands out.

What Small Businesses Get from a Queue Management System

The best queue management systems help you eliminate waiting frustration, improving the customer’s overall experience with your business, making them want to come back. If you’re not using a queue management system, you could be missing out on some game-changing benefits.

Data, Data, Data, and More Data

Data isn’t just for big business anymore. In today’s digitally connected world, customer data is also crucial to small business success. However, small businesses often struggle to collect customer data. Queue management systems can help small businesses easily collect data using virtual queuing, mobile queuing, and appointment scheduling.

For example, customers who add themselves to a virtual queue leave trails of their needs, wants, and preferences in their wake. This can help small businesses personalize the customer experience and provide them with tailored ads that reflect their online behavior. You can also connect with customers using surveys, build historical data, and flag VIPs.

Better Employee Experience in a Tight Labor Market

The headlines aren’t kidding—it’s a tight labor market out there. And 56 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses are reporting that they’re having a difficult time finding the right employees to best serve their customers.

When your staff members can better manage crowds, appointments, and scheduling, they’re going to be happier, more empowered employees.

New Opportunities for Revenue Generation

A queue management solution can bring new streams of revenue using digital promotions. Customers can browse personalized digital or in-store offers while they wait.

One Solution for All Locations

If you have franchise locations that are each using a different playbook, a queue management system could be just what you need to get all of your locations aligned and provide a consistent experience for customers, no matter where they are.

Improved Business Reputation

When you offer advanced, easy-to-use digital solutions for queue management, your customers will look at you like the modern business you are instead of a “mom and pop shop.” And using prescheduled appointments means you can better control customer traffic and offer a consistently pleasant, inviting experience.

Choose the Queue Management System That’s Right for Your Business

The benefits of a queue management system can seem endless for small businesses. However, choosing the right one is crucial—and making the decision can seem overwhelming. From pricing and support to capabilities and flexibility, there’s a lot to consider. That’s why we put together this new guide: How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Purchasing a Queue Management System.

Download the guide now and find out what you need, and how much it should cost.

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