Pawsitively Built for Animal Hospitals

Qtrac: Pawsitively Built for Animal Hospitals

Qtrac’s appointment scheduling and virtual queuing solution improves the vet experience for pets and their humans.

Qtrac Is the Purrferred Solution

Virtual queuing and appointment scheduling work together to create efficiencies at animal hospitals. When pet parents check in remotely, they receive an estimated wait time and updates via SMS messaging or email. Giving pets and their people the option to book their appointments online allows them to better fit routine checkups into their schedules.

Virtual queuing makes everyone’s lives easier.

When pets and their humans check in from their phone, tablet, or computer, they give the reason for their visit. If the visit is for anything beyond a routine checkup, individuals can note their animal’s symptoms and how long they’ve had them.

Office staff members in the veterinary network can browse their own queue dashboard as well as a centralized referral queue to determine if they have the capacity to take incoming cases. If they don’t, those animals can be referred elsewhere, and the original location receives a message about whether the referral has been accepted or not.

Make crowded lobbies a thing of the past.

With virtual queuing, pets and their humans can say goodbye to crowded lobbies. Instead, they can wait at home or in their car in the parking lot. This decreases the chance of illnesses passing from one fur baby to another and reduces any unwelcome interactions between unrelated pets.

One pawsitive outcome of virtual queue management connecting the veterinary network is fewer patient no-shows, which means doctors and their staff can maintain better control over their day because they know what to expect. Even walk-ins use the software to check in, briefly explain the reason for their visit, and receive either an estimated wait time or a referral to another veterinarian in the network.

Be ready in case of emergency.

Though most veterinary offices are equipped for certain scheduled surgeries like spaying/neutering and dental care, serious surgical needs or emergency cases may require attention from a specialist or a transfer to another facility. Using Qtrac’s queue management system and the centralized referral queue, office staff can quickly identify another pet hospital for an animal needing critical care.

Making more money isn’t far-fetched.

American pet owners spent about $124 billion in 2021 on their pets, between veterinary care and products, so it makes sense to offer promotions for items in the lobby to pet parents. Doctors can increase revenue by delivering targeted offers to owners based on their interactions with the software: dog shampoo, healthy treats, nail-trimming sets, seasonal items like Halloween costumes, or any number of ancillary products and services pet parents are more than happy to pay for.

Virtual Queuing Makes Anything Pawsible

Qtrac’s virtual queue management system is pawfect for veterinary hospitals to help eliminate lobby overcrowding, make patient service more personal and efficient, and improve the patient experience overall. Doctors, technicians, and office staff benefit from greater efficiency and increased revenue.

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