Qtrac Next Generation

The future of
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Experience Qtrac's groundbreaking queue management and appointment scheduling technology.

We’ve designed and built a new Qtrac platform from the ground up.

The result? An enterprise-level queue management system that provides the data and insight your team needs to improve the customer experience and generate more revenue.

Why Qtrac® next generation?

Infinitely Scalable

  • Qtrac Next Gen is entirely server-less. This means the application will infinitely scale to your traffic without down time. Our infrastructure will adapt to your business’s ever-changing needs.

Intuitive Look and Feel

  • A brand-new user interface and experience make the setup and administration process a breeze. Qtrac’s intuitive UI lets you find what you need fast, and get on with your business.

Drag 'n' Drop Builders

  • Developing your customer-facing screens has never been so simple. Our proprietary Drag ‘n’ Drop builder helps you create branded user interfaces quickly and preview them on any device.

Easy Device Management

  • Manage your enterprise devices directly through the branch configuration tabs. Refresh and reassign devices from an easy-to-use administration panel. Setup devices globally, then quickly assign them to a branch.

Powerful Workflows

  • The most powerful part of the Qtrac® platform. Configure enterprise services, questionnaires, queues, and business logic, creating unlimited workflows without the clutter of unused settings.
  • Workflows allow for automated actions based on any condition within the platform. Automate advanced notifications, staff alerts, service routing, and much more. We can’t wait to show you the power of workflows.

Agent Dashboard

  • One of the most critical areas used within the Qtrac platform, the new Agent Dashboard greatly improves the staff experience. A new UI enables staff to administrate queues with greater efficiency and ease.
  • Service Agents can quickly see critical data while easily drilling deeper for more information. A clean, simple layout enhances productivity while ensuring the flexibility to adapt to any business style.

Flexible Scheduler

  • A new, robust design preserves the flexibility that Qtrac customers have come to love. We've added even more data protection and privacy features, continuing our commitment to security.

Reporting and Analytics

  • At the core of Qtrac® is its ability to support the vast configurability options demanded by our customers. That hasn't changed. In fact, we've added more features such as a configurable dashboard widget which displays your most important information upon login.

Intuitive Service Dashboard

Easy to view customer data makes service a breeze. View and access important information from one screen. Start SMS conversations, take notes, view customer alerts, and take immediate action to improve the service experience.

Drag 'n' drop page builder

Qtrac’s easy to use drag and drop builder allows you to create beautiful and functional customer interfaces that align with your brand. Quickly design mobile interfaces, kiosks, and user display screens that work seamlessly with your service flow.

Batch updates

Work smarter. Qtrac’s batch updating allows you to upload data for all your branches in one fell swoop, so you can get back to more important things.

"We've spent the last year working around the clock, 7 days a week, architecting and developing the new, state-of-the-art Qtrac platform.

The next generation of Qtrac will help businesses meet the new customer experience challenges as the world progresses and evolves post pandemic.

We're excited to show you the future of queuing."
Yonatan Lavi
President, Lavi Industries

Explore the Qtrac legacy platform, still the most intelligent queue management system on the market.

Eliminate lines

Easily manage visitors plus gain insights into their needs.

Explore Virtual Queuing

Manage capacity

Control and manage workload and occupancy to maximize efficiency.

Explore Appointment Scheduling

Gather insight

Easily uncover data to create new opportunities for growth.

Explore Reports and Analytics

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